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Activities to be done at Kebnekaise Mountain

skiing  photo Here is the question arise what we will do when we go to Kebnekaise Montains. The answer is very simple, there are numerous activities to be done over there like Dog sledding which you can do to while taking Aurora ride or while going for enjoying the wilderness of forests. You can do shopping there for handicrafts things, it is easily available over there. You can take the trip of mountains on Snowmobile. Rafting can be done in summers. There are lot of activities to be done at Kebnekaise Mountains. You will fully enjoy the trip to this mountains.

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Places to visit at Kebnekaise

kebnekaise mountains photo

Kebnekaise is a beautiful mountain to visit, there are lot of places to visit some places are mentioned below like Abisko National Park, which is famous for its natural beauty , view, valley, meadows, e.t.c.  There are so many beautiful Churches while going on the way to mountains. Beautiful villages are there there you can do boating and experience the beautiful view. There you can visit the largest Iron ore mine of the world.

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Kebnekaise Mountains- Sweden

Kebnekaise Mountain

Credit: oskarlin

Kebnekaise Mountains is the highest mountain in Sweden with height 2,113 metres (6,932 ft). It is situated far north, above the Arctic Circle. The name is a Sami which means “kettle top”. As it is on extreme high altitude,the scenery of glacier is very fine. Among the so many glaciers,the largest are björlings, Stor, Isfalls, Kebnepskte and Rabots. The eye catching feature of the range is Tarfala Lake, whose one shore is formed by 60 foot (18 metres)ice wall of Kebnepakte Glacier.It is uninhabited except the portion of stunted birch forest.

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Mont Blanc Mountains in France

Credit : ninja gecko

It is known as the “white Mountain” & La Dame Blanche (the white lady) because most of the time in a year it is covered with ice, snow. It is the highest mountain in the European Union and the Alpes. It rises up to 4,810 m (15,781 ft). It is situated in the north-westerly parts of Alpes. The minimum temperature from December to March is around -3°C to -7°C and the maximum temperature is around +1°C to +7°C & the minimum temperature from June to September +6°C to +9°C whereas the maximum would be +18°C to +24°C.

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Tatras Mountains

Tatras mountains photo The Tatra Mountains, located on the border of Poland and Slovakia, they are the only alpine-types mountains in Poland, it means there are five climatic-vegetation belts in the mountain. They are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains. Štrbské Pleso is a place at the Tatra mountains where people can stay.


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