Activities to be done at Kebnekaise Mountain

skiing  photo Here is the question arise what we will do when we go to Kebnekaise Montains. The answer is very simple, there are numerous activities to be done over there like Dog sledding which you can do to while taking Aurora ride or while going for enjoying the wilderness of forests. You can do shopping there for handicrafts things, it is easily available over there. You can take the trip of mountains on Snowmobile. Rafting can be done in summers. There are lot of activities to be done at Kebnekaise Mountains. You will fully enjoy the trip to this mountains.

  1. Aurora Ride with Sled Dog – Dog sledding in the Northern light is a wonderful experience. This exciting trip can be start in the evening in which you will ride as a passenger in one of the dog sleds and you will have the chance to admire the beautiful northern lights which are dancing in the sky. During the Lapland winter, there are frequent displays of Aurora Borealis but that is not guaranteed that they will be visible during the trip because it depends on weather also. You can travel on the ice of the majestic Torne RIver, across frozen bogs and through snowy pine forest which is ideal for night sky viewing.

     dog sledding photo
    Credit: Alaskan Dude

    When you book this trip by travel agent they will provide you the warm winter gear and some travel agency will provide you hot drinks and cakes in between. Guide and equipment are also provided by them. This activity will cost for around SEK 1 100 for adults and 50% discount for children upto 12 years.

  2. Skiing at Riksgränsen – The skiing season starts from February to June and from the end of May it operates under the midnight sun. Riksgränsen is famous for its beautiful scenery, varied skiing and excellent snow conditions. This is the place where the combination of helicopter, feeling of standing at the top and the fantastic skiing is beautiful. If you hire a good mountain guide who knows where the best snow can be found makes heli-skiing the unbeatable skiing experience.skiing  photo
    Credit:  Skistar Trysil

    At Riksgränsen, mountains that offer drop heights of between 700 and 900 metres just a few minutes flying away, while the the peaks around the Kebnekaise go up to heights of 1,400 metres.
  3. Snowmobile trip to ICEHOTEL – This ride with snowmobile takes you through different snow covered and over frozen lakes directly into the wilderness, marshlands, and through the deep frozen forests. You can experience the silence and beauty of untouched winter landscapes, when you drive over snow. You have to follow the guide on the tracks to Poikijärvi and cross the deeply frozen and snow covered Torne river where the ice sculptures of the ICEHOTEL is taken from. The guide will take you to the famous ICEHOTEL, there you can buy the entrance ticket from the ICEHOTEL Reception.

    Nowadays, new Lynx snowmobiles are also introduced with worldclass technology and ergonomics make the snowmobile tour an unforgettable experience. The engine of Lynx snowmobile is quiet, which is nice for you as well as animals on which they “sneak up on”.lynx snowmobile photoCredit:  The U.S. National Archives
    This will cost you around SEK 900 (2 person/snowmobile), SEK 1240 (1 person/snowmobile), for students SEK 850 and for children between 2-12 years SEK 905. These charges may include appropriate warm clothing, transfer and guided tour at ICEHOTEL.

  4. Rafting on the Torne River – Rafting on the Torne River is the longer river tour with more natural wildness. The drive from Kiruna to Sokakielinen takes about 40 minutes. The boats are paddled and everyone participates in the journey and very soon you can reach at the Pauranki rapids, which is a beautiful stretch with invigorating rapids. When the river calms down everyone will have the opportunity to take a swim in the flowing water. When you go by travel agent they will provide you a wilderness lunch also including sandwiches, smoked reindeer meat, coffee/tea and cakes for about 30 minutes.river rafting photoCredit:  Mt. Hood Territory
    This tour takes around 6 hrs. Price will be approx 1 050 SEK/person and for children it will be approx 525 SEK/child that should be in  between 12 years to 15 years and minimum age is 12 years old for this activity, this price includes Guide, transfer, wetsuit, wet shoes, helmet,life jacket and wilderness lunch. In a boat minimum 4 persons are must to sit.
  5. Shopping at Ateljénord – Ateljénord is a handicraft shop in central kiruna. Here you can find the touch of Lapland in the form of the wide range of crafts from unique works of art to utility goods.  Ateljénord is a group of professional crafts artists from Kiruna. Their passion is expressing their arts and crafts on wood, gold, silver, textiles, blacksmithing, watercolour, and reindeer skin. At Ateljénord , they sell crafts directly from artist to public and you can meet one of the artists in the shop.
    Shopping at Centrum
    Credit: wikipedia

    The opening timings of shop is Monday-Friday : 12-18 and Saturday : 10-15.

  6. Moose Safari on Horse back – Every travel agent will pick you up from Kiruna and drive to westwards farm. In the winter evening you go for a riding tour through many hundred years old forest nestled against the mountain range. While riding you can see the beautiful Northern lights and some moose. When you are on the horse back you come closer to the animals than usual. Ater riding you can have lunch which will be provided by the travel agency and then they will drive you back.

    It takes the time around 5-6 hours, it starts from December till 13 April from 9 20 to 14 30 hours. Minimum age should be 12 years and weight should not me more 90 kg. For this ride it is not necessary to have a riding experience but should be of good health. This package cost around SEK 1850 per person which includes riding, guide, warm outdoor clothes, helmet, lunch, transfer.

    Credit:  Skistar Trysil

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