Kebnekaise Mountains- Sweden

Kebnekaise Mountain

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Kebnekaise Mountains is the highest mountain in Sweden with height 2,113 metres (6,932 ft). It is situated far north, above the Arctic Circle. The name is a Sami which means “kettle top”. As it is on extreme high altitude,the scenery of glacier is very fine. Among the so many glaciers,the largest are björlings, Stor, Isfalls, Kebnepskte and Rabots. The eye catching feature of the range is Tarfala Lake, whose one shore is formed by 60 foot (18 metres)ice wall of Kebnepakte Glacier.It is uninhabited except the portion of stunted birch forest.

There are two different summits on Kebnekaise : Sydtoppen (2,117 m) and Nordtoppen (2.097 m).


Credit : salgo1960

  • Sydtoppen is the highest point of Sweden. On this summit there is always a snow and ice all over the year around.


  • Nordtoppen is a hill. The elevation above sea level is 1100 metres. It is also known as Nunatak.

How to reach

kiruna airport photo
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The journey begins from Kiruna. Kiruna is the nearest Airport as well as the nearest railway station to reach the Kebnekaise Mountain in Northern Sweden. If you are coming from Europe the train takes approx 26 hours from Malmö in Southern Sweden and 20 hours from Stockholm. Now, from Kiruna take the bus or taxi to Nikkaloukta, it will take an hour or two to reach, if you want to go by shortest route to Kebenkaise walk from Nikkaluokta about 19 km to Kebenkaise fjällstation. There is an another option to go by boat that will take about 6 km of the walk. There you can set up the tent anywhere, but if you set up near to the fjällstation you will need to pay some fee. Those who want to move further very soon can take helicopter and in winters you can go on a snowmobile (snöskoter).

Kungsleden photo
Credit:  Marie Sahlén

Another way is to take the train to Abisko from Kiruna, from there walk through the Kungsleden, National Park, pass Alesjaure and from there on to Kebnekaise. This route will take about 5-10 days depending upon your choice of route and other preferences. It is a very nice track.



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