Places to visit at Tatras

tatras lakes photo

Credit:  Kamil Porembiński

The Tatras draws over three million visitors through out the year. It is admirable that, in spite of being a tourist destination from so many years, the region has still maintain its beauty. With the high mountains peaks, magnificent lakes, every year  thousands of tourists, mountaineers, skiers comes to visit this place.


    • “Zubačka” there is a cogway railroad known as  “zubačka” which is also a tourist attraction for visitors.
       “zubačka” photo
      Credit: Toni Martín
  •  “Lomnický štít” is a suspended cableway built directly to the peak those who wish to see the lustrous nature, but because of lack of courage they are not able to climb up.

  •  “Štrbské Pleso”  is famous for ski, tourist, and health resort in the High Tatras. There is a huge space for parking facilities and a stop on the Tatra trolley and rack railway, it is known to be the starting point for hikes including Kriváň  and Rysy.  You can enjoy the lavish walks with joy of surrounding  or can go for a hike in high mountains using the marked paths. The High Tatras mountains are simply a challenge for every tourist. Štrbské Pleso mountain lake is the most famous and most visited place in the High Tatras. This lake is covered with ice for most of the 155 days per year and is surrounded by most of the dense forest and mountains. It is the beautiful place for fitness walking and climbing ascents.

  • “Kriváňit is considered to be as the most beautiful peak of the country. It has an important place in the Slovak folk songs and poems. It is the hikers favourite mountain in the western parts of the Tatras. Here you can do hiking , mountaineering, trad climbing, toprope. ice climbing. scrambling, skiing. Here there is a Kriváň peak which is considered to be the symbol of Slovak national pride. The most easiest way to reach the top of the  Kriváň  starts at the point known as Tri studničky / Podbánske. Kriváň photo
    Credit:  Pitel
  • Rysy is the mountain lying on the border between Poland and Slovakia.  It is the highest peak in the Tatra Mountains which is reachable to individual tourist by foot without the help of mountain guide. There you can do climbing. hiking & mountaineering in the month of july, august, september, october.rysy photo
    Credit:  AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker
  • The Castle Spišský hrad (Spiš Castle),situated above the town of Spišské Podhradie and the village of Žehra, in the region called as Spiš. This is the one the biggest European castle by area.
    Spiš Castle photo
    Credit:  edenfoto
  • Poprad , it is the beautiful and biggest town of the Spiš. It is famous for its picturesque historic centre and as a holiday resort. Airport Poprad-Tatry is the highest placed airport in Europe, is located just outside the city.
    Poprad photo
    Credit: edenfoto

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