Places to visit at Kebnekaise

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Kebnekaise is a beautiful mountain to visit, there are lot of places to visit some places are mentioned below like Abisko National Park, which is famous for its natural beauty , view, valley, meadows, e.t.c.  There are so many beautiful Churches while going on the way to mountains. Beautiful villages are there there you can do boating and experience the beautiful view. There you can visit the largest Iron ore mine of the world.

  • Nikkaluokta : It is the Swedish Sami Village. The village belongs to Gällivare Municipality and is located only 66 kilometres from Kiruna. You can easily go there by car or bus. It has a mountain lodge with small grocery shops and restaurant and a chapel. This is the popular starting point for hiking and skiing trails in the Kebnekaise area including Kungsleden. From Nikkaluokta you can walk to Kebnekaise Mountain station and to simplify the walk after 5-6 km you can go by boat trip for 6 km in 30 minutes over the lake Ladtojaure. After that 8 km inclined walk remains before reaching the the mountain staition.
    Nikkaluokta in Winters

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  • Abisko National Park : It is a national park in Sweden. It is famous for its natural beauty, place of many delights, which includes birch-clad valley, flowery alpine meadows and dazzling river rapids. This park is surrounded on three sides by towering mountains and, in the north, by Scandinavia’s largest alpine lake, Torneträsk. Nordic wildlife, and is for hot or cold spot for winter adventures as well as summer hiking in the midnight sun.

There are several easy ways to reach the Abisko National Park either by car , train or plane. At Abisko there are hotels and cottage, as well as nature centre with an exhibits the park’s natural history. On the top of Mt. Njulla there is also an aerial cable car.

Here the best-known flower is the protected  Lapp Orchid, which grows nowhere else in the country. There is also a rich variety of fauna. There are many small birds like the rare Arctic Warbler. In Mammalian  it includes martins, stout, lemmings, and elks.

  • Kiruna Church : This is the Church in Kiruna, Sweden.  It was voted as the most beautiful public building in Sweden by the Swedish people. The church is in a shape like a Lapp tent with a broad base and tapered top. The light will come from the top because the windows in the church’s lower walls of coloured glass and only the upper windows are clear.

The church and the bell tower is located in a nature park. Church park is enclosed by a wall of grey stone, laid without use.

kiruna church interior

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  • Kiruna Iron Mine : It is the largest and most modern underground iron ore mine in the world. Kiruna Lappland  Tourist office arranges guided tours almost all year aroundto the LKAB’s Visitor Centre. This tour would be so different from others as it gives you a chance to visit a productive mine. This is still one of the most important industries of there. Between the month of January to March there will be guaranteed tours.

    Kiruna iron Mine

    Credit: (rinse)

Credit:  oskarlin

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