Tatras Mountains

Tatras mountains photo The Tatra Mountains, located on the border of Poland and Slovakia, they are the only alpine-types mountains in Poland, it means there are five climatic-vegetation belts in the mountain. They are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains. Štrbské Pleso is a place at the Tatra mountains where people can stay.



They cover just 785 square kilometres (303 sq mi) , of which about 610 square kilometres (236 sq mi) lie within the slovakian border and about 175 square kilometres  (68 sq mi) (22.3% ) on the territory of Poland. Still they have a true fell of mountains, rising to the highest elevation at 2655 m , (8710 ft) Gerlach,  on the slovakian side.Štrbské Pleso photo

Credit: Dushan and Miae

The overall nature of the tatras,  together with their easy accessibility , makes them a favourite with tourists and researchers. Therefore, these mountains are famous for winter sports, with resorts such as Zakopane, also known as” Winter Capital of Poland”.


zakopane photo

Credit:  Jarosław Pocztarski

Climate of Tatras Mountains

The climate here is that of mountains of temperate zone, and these are marked as the high mountain features. For 7-8 months, snow covers the higher slopes, ridges and peaks. The average speed of the wind on the summits is  6 m/s. Foehn winds are mostly occurs between October and May. They are very warm and  dry and cause damage. The maximum speed of the wind could be 288 km/h (179 mph).  In winter temperature may goes to  -40 °C  and in summers it may go to 33 °C .


Perhaps the peculiar landscape constructed over there is the impression of any fairy-tale scenery. The most important feature of Tatra landscape is the vertical zonation of vegetation type. On the Southern as well as on the Northern sides there are large tectonic valleys, with higher hills behind them.  When Tatra mountain is seen from Podhale & lightened with morning sun rays, it is considered as the most beloved theme for Poland.

View from Poland
Credit:  PolandMFA

On the shores of big tatra valleys, there are both deciduous  riparian as well as beach wood forests with a dash of pine tree. Spruce is the most important trees where as there are also beeches, firs & arolla pines.deciduous  riparian photo

Credit:  Nicholas_T

A typical Tatra plant forms its own vegetational layer which is known as dwarf mountain pine, there we also could find gentians, edelweiss & crocuses , that land turns into mountain pastures or large meadows , which is used to pasture the sheeps and in winters it is used as an excellent ski area. The mountains in valley are covered with snow for whole of the year. edelweiss photo

Credit:  familymwr


red deer photo

The Tatra Mountains are home to many species of animals like brown bear, chamois, alpine marmot , lynx, golden eagle, wolf, red deer, wild boar etc.


Activities to be done at Tatras Mountains

rock climbing photo

At Tatra Mountains skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking are the most common and highly adventurous activities are to be done. People love to do these activities with their friend and family.

Credit:  ℓαurα suαrez,  Lee J Haywood,  magnezja

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