Places to visit at Aoraki / Mount Cook Mackenzie

As we know Aoraki Mount Cook Mackenzie is situated in New Zealand, there are lot of places to visit there with beautiful and appealing view of National Park, Valleys, Glaciers, e.t.c. There you can do numerous activities while visiting the place, while exposing the natural beauty. In winters this place is fully covered with ice and snow, frozen valleys and lakes, there you can enjoy the helicopters and ski planes, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, walking, take a ride on horse back, rafting in summers can be done and lot more activities to be done and places to visit.

Aoraki Mount Cook Ski

  1. Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park : It is New Zealand’s great Alpine park. The park is renowned for its natural beauty and environment. With 19 peaks over 3,000 metres high, Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is home to New Zealand’s highest mountain, Aoraki Mount Cook and also a part of Te Wahipounamu- South Westland World Heritage Area- in recognition of its outstanding natural value.Aoraki  Mount Cook National Park  photo
    Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is covered with 40 percent of breathtaking Glaciers. The Tasman Glacier, New Zealand’s largest and longest glacier, is clearly visible from the entrance of the National Park.kea  photo
    More than 400 species of plants are there in park,which includes more than 100 introduced plant species such as the colourful Russell Lupin, the Wild Cherry and the Wilding Pines. Most of the park consists mainly of Alpine Plants such as the Mount Cook Lily, the Largest Buttercup in the world, large mountain daisies, and wild Spaniard or Spear grass.There are large variety of birds species in park like the Kea, the only Alpine Parrot, and the well-camouflaged pipit and many more. It is place for many vertebrates like large dragon flies, crickets, grasshoppers, 223 moth species, 7 native butterflies e.t.c. The park is popular for walking, hiking, climbing Mt Cook, fishing, skiing, tramping, hunting, mountain biking, scenic flights, e.t.c.Tramping in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park
  2. Tasman Glacier : It is the New Zealand longest glacier, located in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park.Iceberg can be seen floating in the lake in summers and in winters, the lake freeze.11978199433_18611943e3_church-of-good-shepherd
  3. Hooker Valley : If you are in New Zealand, and want an equally spectacular walk that is pretty flat and it only takes 4 hours then you should try the Hooker Valley in Mt. Cook National Park. The track starts at the Department of Conservation (DOC) campground and in 20 minutes or so you are at the first swingbridge over the Hooker Valley. hooker valley photo
    As you cross the first bridge, on the left you can see the spectacular view of Mt. Sefton and the Mueller Glacier. After that you can see the next swingbridge over Mueller Lake. The track starts to follow the Hooker River and you have views of snow capped mountains, ice fields and the glacier fed Hooker River all the way to the end of the track. There are so many places to take rest and check out the stunning views of New Zealand’s highest mountain Mt. Cook. The track ends at the glacier lake, where there are amazing views of Mt. Cook , Hooker Glacier, and the Southern Alps.8631381454_89c636df61_m_hooker-valley
  4. Lake Tekapo : The lake is a popular tourist destination, and several resorts hotels are located at the township of Lake Tekapo at the lake’s southern end. lake tekapo photo
    Church of Good Shepherd is situated on the shores of the Lake Tekapo, which has captured the heart of couples from all over the world and is a quaint and unassuming but enormously romantic venue for you New Zealand wedding. The church sits literally only metre’s from the shores of the turquoise colour, glacier-fed lake Tekapo and a large panoramic window behind the altar is deliberately clear to allow uninterrupted lakes and mountains of good shepherd photo


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