Places to visit at Monte Fitz Roy

As we know that Monte Fitz Roy is the most challenging mountain to climb but still many people to love to visit there. There are so many places to visit there and to do lot of adventurous activities. Its travel attractions, tourist places, culture, nature, geology, and other things are very much attractive. Anyone can enjoy this place if person comes to this place. There are lot of tourist attraction here. You cannot understand if you do not go and visit this place. Natural beauty is the main attraction of Fitz Roy, Argentina.

Monte Fitz Roy

  1. Parque Nacional Los Glaciers : It is the second largest national park in the country. It is an area of exceptional beauty, with rocky, towering mountains and numerous glacial lakes, including the great Lago Argentino. This great Alpine area  includes the Patagonian ice fields which occupies about half of the park. It has a total of 47 glaciers and a further 200 smaller glaciers are independent of the main ice field. It is the best place in South America to see the Glaciers in action. Glacial activity is concentrated around two lakes, Argentino and Viedma.Parque National los GlaciersPatagonian forest and Patagonian steppe are two distinct vegetation of this park. The most impressive wildlife in the park is the birds. The many lakes offer habitat to many black-necked swans, and a variety of ducks and geese and Chilean flamingos were made along the shores. The Andean condor, the largest bird in the world in terms of wings area. South America’s version of Ostrich are dotted on the high grasslands. Mammals include southern Andean huemul, and mountain viscacha. There you can do boating, or if you are good climber you can do climbing and hiking also.
  2. El Chaltén : It is a small colourful mountain village. It is located on the riverside, within the Los Glaciers National Park. This is also known as Argentina’s Trekking Capital or Capital Nacional del Trekking. As “Chaltén” means “smoking mountain” as they believe it was the volcano for its peak is most of the time covered by clouds. Here climate is dry yet it is unpredictable, bad weather is exceedingly common. It is a dreamed-of place  with cultural diversity. There you can find super market where everything is available for climber, camper or hiker is need.El ChalténThere you can do hiking at Laguna de los Tres, its an 8 hrs round trip from the town. You can enjoy the outstanding view of the Fitz Roy range along the way. And if the weather is good and wind is down you can do hiking at Laguna Torre. The Condor Mirador and Eagle Miradors are easy to climb and they are situated just behind the National Park Office. Besides hiking you can do boating and take a horse ride.
  3. Patagonia : It is a region in the south of Argentina bordered in the north by the Cuyo and Pampas region, in the east by the Atlantic Ocean and in the  south and west by Chile. In Patagonia summers start from December till March and summer season is definitely the best time to travel to this part, as winter months can be harsh and unfavourable. The highest rainfall can be expected from the months June to September but that time days are changeable, it can be hot and sunny to one day, to wet and windy the next day. Here, man co-exists with the most beautiful and diverse nature one can imagine.PatagoniaWhere everything is measured in immensity, beauty : from the large extension of the plains, and forests to the challenging snow-capped mountain; from the fertile valleys to the wide sea shores ; from the sequence of magnificent lakes to the impressive glaciers.
    It is a unique place for practice thrilling sports. This is the place to fill our lungs with unpolluted air. To experiment a new way of making contact with nature and its environment.
  4. Viedma Glacier : Located within the Los Glaciers National Park, the Viedma is the largest glacier in Argentina. You can travel from El Calafate to El Chaltén for an unforgettable full day trekking adventure on Viedma Glacier. Enjoy the journey along the famous Route 40, enjoy a boat trip in front of the glacier on Viedma Lake and admire the beauty of Monte Fitz Roy. It is a beautiful galcier.Viedma Glacier
  5. El Laberinto de Piedra : As the name suggest, close circuit the Laberinto de Piedra. As it is suggested for kids older than 16 plus and adults who wants to have fun. Jumps and obstacles will be the key of this circuit, in one of the main areas where anciently in was a river that flowed to the Pacific Ocean 85 million years ago.Credit:  wikipedia calafate Mountain Park is a unique and exclusive proposal in El Calafate. It is accessby the chairlift of the Balcony with 55 double seats, security rod and highly qualified staff. With the most stunning view of the Argentine Lake and its mountain range, you will be able to enjoy 360 degrees of the sights of El Calafate. Here adventure, adrenalin and the beat panoramic views come together in the same place. Located in Mt. Huyliche, offers the possibility to try different circuits and slopes in Mountain Bike.
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