7 Beautiful Glacial Lakes of the World

Glacial Lakes are lakes which originate from a melted glaciers. They are formed when a glacier erodes the land, and then melts, filling the hole or space that it has created. A retreating glacier often left behind large deposits of ice in hollows between drumlins or hills. As the ice age ended, these started melting to create lakes. In the world, some glaciers lakes are so beautiful because of its water, surrounding, mountains, etc. Here is the list of those beautiful Glacial Lakes :

  1. Lake Itasca : It is a small lake, of glacial origin, covers an approximately, 1.8 square miles (4.7 km²) in area, in the Headwaters area of north central, Minnesota, U.S.A. The lake is located in sotheastern Clearwater Country within Itasca State Park. It has an average depth of 20-35 feet (6-11m). The 50 square mile (130 km²) Itasca State Park was established around the Itasca basin in 1891. The lake is equipped with game fish and is popular with boaters.Credit:  farm3.staticflickr
  2. Green Lake: It is a fresh water glacial lake in North Central Seattle, within Green Lake Park, Washington. Its basin having been dug 50,000 years ago, by the Vashon Glacier, which also created Lake Washington, Union, Bitter, and Haller Lakes. Green lake is a beacon for wildlife. Mant types of wildlife, toads, ducks, loons, geese, turtles, rats, bats, squirrels, etc are the most commonly viewed creatures here. Lots of activities can be done here like swimming pool is available at lake and you can do various activities at Green Lake Park as they have a mini-golf course, basket ball courts, canoes, a ball field, etc.
    green lake photo
  3. Lake Minnewanka : It is a glacial lake in Canada at Banff National Park. The lake is 28 km long and 142 m deep, making it the longest lake in the mountain park of Canadian Rockies. The stoney people called it “Minn-Waki” or “Lake of the Spirits”. They respected and feared this lake for its residents spirits. This lake is famous for Scuba Drivers, people do scuba diving here. Lake Minnewanka photo 
  4. Huechulafquen Lake : It is a glacial lake in Neuquén Province, Argentina. It is located in the Andean Mountains, in Lanín National Park. It is one of the Argentina’s most important Andean Lakes. This lake is approximately 30 km long, and 5 km wide, which has a surface area of 104 km². It is a beautiful lake for enjoying the beach, camping, fishing, eating a delicious Barbeque. Huechulafquen Lake  photo
  5. Viedma Lake : It is one of the largest glacially formed lake. The lake is named after the Spanish explorer Antonio de Viedma. Locally, it is known as Lago Viedma, this massive lake is formed by the Viedma Glacier in Glaciers National Park. It is approximately 50 miles longin southern Patagonia near the border between Chile and Argentina. Near to the lake there are variety of birds, waterfowl and wildlife, many endangered flamingos, eagles, condors, grey foxes, armadillos, the red dwarfed deer, river otter and the guanaco, are live in the area and sometimes seen. viedma Lake  photo
  6. Lake Albina : It is a glacial lake in the Kosciuskzo National Park, Australia. The lake is about 500 metres long and 500 metres wide. It is located in a ravine, with Mount Townsend, to the west and Mount Lee and Mount Northcote to the east. The Lake Albina Ski Lodge was built ignoring the lake from upstream, by the Ski Tourers Association in 1951. The National Parks and Wildlife Services required the club to vacate lodge and it gradually became a ruin.  Lake  albina photo
  7. Jökulsárlón Lake : It is the large glacial lake in Southeast Iceland. It is situated at the head of Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, it is developed in a lake after the glacier started receding from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Recently it has become the deepest lake in Iceland. It is considers as one of the natural wonders of Iceland. The tongue of the Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier is a major tourist attraction place. Tour operators conduct snowmobile and jeep tours to visit the glacier along the winding ice-berg studded Jökulsárlón.  Jökulsárlón Lake photo



Credit: farm3.staticflickrHammerin ManCleaversnilsrinaldidenisbinleighblackallMrHicks46