Places to visit at Aoraki / Mount Cook Mackenzie

As we know Aoraki Mount Cook Mackenzie is situated in New Zealand, there are lot of places to visit there with beautiful and appealing view of National Park, Valleys, Glaciers, e.t.c. There you can do numerous activities while visiting the place, while exposing the natural beauty. In winters this place is fully covered with ice and snow, frozen valleys and lakes, there you can enjoy the helicopters and ski planes, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, walking, take a ride on horse back, rafting in summers can be done and lot more activities to be done and places to visit.

Aoraki Mount Cook Ski

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Aoraki / Mount Cook Mackenzie- New Zealand

Aoraki / Mount Cook Mackenzie is the highest mountain in New Zealand, standing 3,724 metres (12.218 fts.) It used to be the world’s 37th most prominent mountain standing. It lies in the Southern Alps, the mountain range that runs the length of the South Island. A popular tourist destination. This area is prominent for its incredibly clear starry nights, brilliant sunny days, remarkable turquoise blue lakes, valleys of emerald green, snow-capped mountains and favourite place for mountain climbers.

aoraki mount cook photo


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Places to visit at Monte Fitz Roy

As we know that Monte Fitz Roy is the most challenging mountain to climb but still many people to love to visit there. There are so many places to visit there and to do lot of adventurous activities. Its travel attractions, tourist places, culture, nature, geology, and other things are very much attractive. Anyone can enjoy this place if person comes to this place. There are lot of tourist attraction here. You cannot understand if you do not go and visit this place. Natural beauty is the main attraction of Fitz Roy, Argentina.

Monte Fitz Roy

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Most Challenging Mountain to Climb- Monte Fitz Roy

Monte Fitz Roy is a 3,375 metre (11,073 ft) mountain near the village of El Chaltén, on the border between Argentina and Chile. It is also known as Cerro Chaltén or Cerro Fitz Roy, which means Cerro is a Spanish word meaning “hill”, while Chaltén comes from a Tehuelche (Aonikenk) word meaning “smoking mountain” due to clouds that usually forms around the mountain’s peak. Despite its average height the mountain has a reputation of being extremely difficult to climb because of the sheer granite faces present long stretches of arduous technical climbing. In addition, the weather in the area is exceptionally severe and slippery.

fitz roy photo


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Triglav Mountains- Slovenia

Triglav is the highest mountains in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps. It rises very high above its foothills. From all sides it is surrounded with deep valleys. It is like they are supporting the high pedestal on which the The King sits. And that pedestal is something like high lying plateau on which the main body of peak stands.  On the North of it is Vrata valley, consider to be the most beautiful in Slovenia. On the East there is long and deep Krma valley. On the West, slopes of the Triglav are steeps and high, they descent 2km into the Zadnjica valley. On the South, there is around 1000m lower, Velska Dolina valley and Velo Polje field. Although these slopes are high and quiet wild but are more subdued when comparing to western and northern ones.

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Puncak Jaya in Indonesia

Puncak Jaya (also known as Carstensz Pyramid) is the highest mountain in the Indonesia, with 4,884 metres (16,024 ft ), 5th highest mountain in political Southeast Asia, is considered the highest peak of the seventh continent (Australia/Oceanic) for climbers attempting the Seven Summits, the highest on the island of New Guinea  in the Indonesian province of Papua and Indonesia is an Asian country. This is a minority viewpoint based on politics rather than geophysics.

It is also the highest point between the Himalayas and the Andes and the highest island peak in the world.

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Ritacuba Blanco

Ritacuba Blanco is the highest point of the Cordillera in the Andes Mountains of Colombia. It is also known as Ritak’uwan, an ancient name from the U’wa, this name comes from the domestic people that live in the lowlands of the National Park Sierra Nevada del Cocuy y Güicán.

It is known to be the one of the most beautiful mountains of Colombia. It is located in the National Park Cocuy with an altitude of 5330 metres. Along that park, the visitors are  bound to go for climbing due to it’s technical level of climbing and also because of it’s beautiful view of the rest of the park and the Llanos Orientales.

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Activities to be done at Kebnekaise Mountain

skiing  photo Here is the question arise what we will do when we go to Kebnekaise Montains. The answer is very simple, there are numerous activities to be done over there like Dog sledding which you can do to while taking Aurora ride or while going for enjoying the wilderness of forests. You can do shopping there for handicrafts things, it is easily available over there. You can take the trip of mountains on Snowmobile. Rafting can be done in summers. There are lot of activities to be done at Kebnekaise Mountains. You will fully enjoy the trip to this mountains.

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Places to visit at Kebnekaise

kebnekaise mountains photo

Kebnekaise is a beautiful mountain to visit, there are lot of places to visit some places are mentioned below like Abisko National Park, which is famous for its natural beauty , view, valley, meadows, e.t.c.  There are so many beautiful Churches while going on the way to mountains. Beautiful villages are there there you can do boating and experience the beautiful view. There you can visit the largest Iron ore mine of the world.

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